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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sex, Psychology and Sushi

Looks interesting. It's something that would either do incredibly well or tank. Seems like a professional version of those nights spent with a friend, crying into a beer or a glass of wine over the person who did you wrong.
From Sake Bomb:

Wouldn’t you love to know why that girl you were dating last month stopped calling, suddenly? Why is it that every guy you try to be friends with ends up falling in love with you and the men you want to fall in love with, barely know you exist? Or perhaps you have finally found love but the passion is slowly dying after spending years together. We have all been bewildered by the opposite sex or even by ourselves, at some point in life. The good news is that there are answers. The bad news is… they lie in the deepest portions of the human mind.

Join other men, women and couples in the tri-state during a bi-weekly series called Sex, Psychology and Sushi starting on Feb. 11, 2008 at 7pm inside the Dragon Room at Sake Bomb in Hyde Park. A professional psychologist will be the guest speaker, tackling important topics regarding the psychology of sex. Dinner is included in the price of the tickets available at the door.

“So many people assume they understand the opposite sex, but whether you have been married for twenty years, recently divorced or a serial dater, there is always something more you can learn to improve yourself and your love life by simply understanding yourself and different aspects of relationships,” Says Dr. Merritt Oleski, a licensed psychologist and owner of Sake Bomb.

The $40 ticket price will not only fill your mind with useful information, but it will fill your stomach, as well. Guests will have the option of a full course meal including appetizers, a main dish and a sensual desert to satisfy your sweeter side. The behavioral expert will present topics such as; “The power of pheromones and where to get them”, “I thought he/she was into me, what happened?” and “Love or Lust… that is the question?” After each presentation, the expert will answer questions and open up the floor for group discussion. Guests are invited to stay and mingle with other guests and enjoy a full selection of liquors, beer and of course, sake.

The Dragon room is the latest addition to Sake Bomb’s already spacious dining area. The room can be rented out for special events and banquets, complete with a large screen television projector, full bar and wait staff.
The first Sex, Psychology and Sushi series takes place on Monday, February 11, 2008 at Sake Bomb in Hyde Park at 3672 Erie Avenue next to the Hyde Park Country Club at 7pm to benefit your relationships. This event is appropriate for couple’s and singles. Appetizers, dinner, dessert are included with ticket price. Alcoholic drinks not included. The series will continue the first and last Tuesday of each month. For more information, contact Dr. Merritt Oleski at: (513) 739-5892 or (513) 533-0555.

I've never been to Sake Bomb. Have you?


at 5:20 PM Blogger Kel Klump said...

I used to frequently visit Sake Bomb. I took a friend there for dinner about two weeks ago and was shocked at the change. I am not sure if they changed management but I am definately considering not going back. Anyplace that serves bad sushi, shouldnt be in the business. Maybe they had a bad night but I have been there close to 50 times in the past and never had this experience. Any ideas on if the management changed in the last two or three months (its been a while since I have been there). I would love to know it was just a fluke, but the waitress was unfriendly when we asked for it to be taken off our bill (I wasnt eating it) and we still walked out with a heavy bill and hungry.

at 9:24 PM Blogger Sean F. said...

I wouldn't exactly call their dining area "spacious." Sushi was about the same quality as Maki, but about 50% more expensive.

at 1:07 AM Anonymous Mike Ktz said...

I have been to Sake Bomb 3 times, and all visits were awful. Less than fresh fish, high prices and bull cr*p sake which is so out of date that it's turning yellowish. I went back with friends who kept telling me how 'great' this place was. I since learned that these friends, though nice people, have very poor taste and would not know decent sushi from a hole in the wall.

The only establishments in this area to even think about ordering sushi in are the Japanese restaurants in Northern Kentucky; Miyoshi (hands down THE BEST!), JoAn and Matsuya. AOI is just alright, but not up the standards of the other NKY Japanese restaurants (rude service, high prices and they try to pawn the older fish off on western customers).

Toyota helped fund these three restaurants, so that the executives at their North American HQ (based in Florence) would have top quality Japanese/Sushi restaurants to frequent. They are as good as you will find in this country, outside of LA or NYC.

at 10:37 AM Anonymous vudutu said...

Ktz, I have not gone into SB but totally agree with your comment, there is no decent sushi in Cincinnati I have found, but lots in NKY, I would add to your list Chung Ki Wha, watch out for the wasabi fish eggs on some, it will take the the top of your head off, eat at the bar, it's a hoot.
Chung Ki Wha Korean Barbeque and Sushi Truckstop
(859) 525-9978
7800 Commerce Dr
Florence, KY 41042

at 4:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife and I went there once. That was enough. If their main focus to get you in is some drink then it's not for me. Sushi was just OK. Just let them and Beluga compete for the Hyde Park Be Seen Crowd while real sushi lovers go to better spots.

As before, my favorite is still Tokyo Japan in Sharonville. Then Ando and Mei.

I don't get to KY too often but am anxious to try them out (except JoAnn, which I love).

at 4:50 PM Anonymous Rich said...


Give Miyoshi a try. The chef/owner, Masa, moved here from Tokyo to work as the head chef at JoAn. He left JoAn after a couple of years and opened Miyoshi with his Wife, Junko (sp?). She runs the front of the house and he runs the kitchen & sushi bar. He actually goes to the airport daily to pick up fish shipments! Not only is the sushi at Miyoshi impeccable, but the hot dishes are fantastic as well. Athestically, it has the most the most attractive interior of all of the local Japanese restaurants as well.

If you go check out Masa's collection of antique sake sets in the display cases. BTW, They also have the best artisanal sake selections in town.

at 6:02 PM Anonymous vudutu said...

Yea Miyoshi is tops, one of our whacked foodie friends who has been to Japan even says he did not get better sushi than Miyoshi there.

at 10:35 PM Blogger Kate The Great said...

I went to SB for my birthday two years ago... I was sick for four days straight after that. I know I had a couple of actual sake bomb drinks - but I tend to think it was the bad fish and not the drinking like a fish that made me sick.

at 2:47 PM Blogger Schottzie03 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

at 2:49 PM Blogger Schottzie03 said...

I have to agree on SB. But this evening sounds perfect for couples who have a fetish for intestinal distress.

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