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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wine dinner

Chalk food + wine is hosting a wine dinner with the wines of Maison Marques & Domaines on Wednesday April 2.
Dinner will be served in six courses, each paired with wines from Louis Roederer, Albert Pic, La Poussie, Delas Freres, and Christian Moueix.
Co-hosting the event will be Roland Herrmann from MMD USA. The price per guest is $125, which does not include tax or gratuity. Seating by reservation only, availability is very limited for this event.
Contact Bryant Phillips or Leslie Laski at 859.643.1234 for more information


at 7:23 PM Anonymous Happy Fun Ball said...

Last week they thought that they were an Irish pub. Now they are on to French. This schizophrenic eatery needs some kind of discernible identity.

at 7:28 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Chalk sneeze without alerting the Food Report? Every time I read this blog there is some update about this silly venture.

(Oh, and don't taunt happy fun ball. Thanks for posting that. I'd forgotten all about that SNL commercial.)

at 8:25 AM Blogger Cin Twin1 said...

Quit complaining! I like it that the Foodie Report updates us on events of local restaurants. That way I don't have to get on EVERY mailing list and fill up my inbox. Keep them coming is what I say!

at 8:26 AM Blogger Stepf said...

Any restaurant can send us info on any event. Chalk

at 8:27 AM Blogger Stepf said...

Sorry cut off the last part of my comment: Chalk sends us info, and we happily post them. Same goes for any other restaurant.

at 9:56 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can complain all I want cin twin! It just seems that every time I log onto this blog (which is rarer and rarer these days since the blog really isn't all that relevant or interesting)there is something about Chalk. Why don't you simply rename this blog "The Restaurant Blog" since that is the only information that is ever posted anyway.

at 4:03 PM Anonymous TJ Jackson said...

Your comment lacks truth, anonymous.

I too am in favor of including more information than we might want so that we can choose what items to read and what items to ignore.....I don't drink wine, for example, so I simply skip all the wine-related entries.....perhaps the Chalk-hating anonymous poster should consider ignoring posts he or she has no interest in? Or considering that every entry on this blog is not placed there for him or her specifically, but rather the entire reading community?

Just some ideas.

at 6:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same criteria would hold true for me then: if you don't like my comments you are free to disregard or simply not read or respond to them. Last time I checked this blog was not the sole property of TJ Jackson and Cin Twin either. Just some further ideas.

at 7:57 PM Blogger Cin Twin1 said...

I believe in constructive criticism, but I also think the best thing to do if you don't like something is to "ENCOURAGE" the writers to post things that interest you. When you call something a "silly venture" and complain about a blog, then offer up something, just don't drag others down with your negativitiy.

at 11:59 PM Anonymous TJ Jackson said...

It is true that none of us commenters holds any ownership in the blog. It is also true that we are in a sense a community, individuals sharign an interest in food topics but diverging from that point on. In such a community, entries that one might find 'silly' or 'uninteresting' might very well be 'serious' and 'engaging' to another, perhaps several others. While one reader prefers no comments on Chalk, this might be a dozen other's favorite eatery, and such folks would actually like to hear MORE about Chalk. Since this is a community of sorts, and there will always be others with interests not in line with one's own, I think it'd be advisable to at least tolerate that which others find of value, even if not every single thing appeals to you.

at 7:26 AM Anonymous vudutu said...

I think every rational blogger tends to give less credit to any Anonymous posting, hiding behind the curtain tends to muffle the shouting.

Personally I don't agree with everything JR but I love having them in town and want to encourage, not discourage them. I like that Chalk is doing regular specials, stretching, experimenting. Do I agree with everything Chalk, no but I do love the food, graffiti walls and service folks. Do I think the JR group needs to put a slight chill on their reds, yes and I do hope the Chalk exterior color are not final, the brown trim shade is, well you know what it looks like, it is not at all complimentary to the interior. But I like it, heck I dropped $60 there last night. Anon won't discourage or influence me the more anon rants the less I hear.

at 8:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the exception of cin twin 1 who actually has a link to her blog, how is using the moniker vudutu or providing a link to Road Food (isn't that the Stern's intellectual property btw? I'm assuming you aren't Jane or Michael?)any more forthcoming than anonymous? Yes, you're really putting yourself out there aren't you? LOL.

at 2:08 PM Anonymous vudutu said...

On the web, as in face to face, a personality or persona helps integrate individuals into the rhythm of life, lubricates the interaction and allows them to become part of the community.

Be it the blog of a serious public figure or just the screen name of a member of the community voicing their opinion, having an identity to grasp allows us to grow to know who inhabits that moniker and hopefully we grow to like and respect them and their opinions.

Food plays a huge part in relation to our social life and the act of providing sustenance to, or breaking bread with, our fellow man is, or should be, a positive uplifting face to face interaction. I for one believe we should strive to stay as close to our food as possible. I believe the anonymous face of the corporate entity or blogger is not the person to obtain your food or information from.

I don't think coming to the party masked allows for serious dialog to take place and does not seem as worthy of consideration as posts with some degree of face. Is Anonymous a part of the community? Yes as long as the host allows it but again I think in most bloggers opinion "hiding behind the curtain tends to muffle the shouting".

Anons out there who ever you are I hope you come out from behind the curtain and join the community.

at 5:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're deluding yourself vudutu. Given that your moniker on this blog doesn't reveal who you are, then you too are essentially anonymous whether you repeatedly use the same moniker or not. Whether or not I choose to use a moniker does not prevent me from joining the dialogue. I join the dialogue by posting comments. (Even if you don't like, appreciate, or agree with them.) I appreciate what you are saying, but the very nature of a blog forum like this is based on anonymity. If you believe so strongly otherwise then perhaps you should post your real name.

at 8:01 AM Anonymous vudutu said...

And you are diluting yourself LOL.

at 12:22 AM Anonymous Vunonymous said...

And the handle 'vudutu' isn't completely anonymous??????? Come on, dude, if you are going to post a self righteous diatribe about anonymous posts, at least have the stones to sign your bleepity-bleeping name to it!

at 11:40 AM Blogger vudutu said...

No it's not, the point is I post using a screen name as do a number of others, I get to know them and their opinions and they mine. I don't have, need or even want to know their name. Posting as anon you have no persona you are just another voice from the back of the room who people tend to put less cred in. It's just my opinion but to me hiding behind the curtain tends make me think of the person who never votes but always complains. Personally I think the host should require registered log in for posting.

at 11:48 AM Blogger Nicci King said...

Personally I think the host should require registered log in for posting.

Careful what you ask for, Vudutu... ;-)

We're making some changes to the blog and the rest of the site and registration will be an integral part of the fun. I'll fill you all in on the details soon!

at 2:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And you are diluting yourself LOL" What does that even mean? Were you attempting some sort of humor? If so you failed miserably. As for requiring registration, go for it. Watch the hits and comments to your site decline dramatically. There are those who feel comfortable posting their name, a consistent moniker, or even their blogs, but many do not. Yes Nicci, require people like vudutu and TJ Jackson to post their real names or email addresses to this site. They complain about me all the while remaining anonymous themselves.

at 2:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, how funny. Vudutu hastily created a blog to link to, one that has no posts and still reveals nothing about her identity. What a pathetic attempt to appear less of a hypocrite than you really are. Thanks for the chuckle.

at 4:24 PM Blogger vudutu said...

Thanks Nicci, look forward to the changes, what else is in store? Actually I think any lost hits will be regained by not people who stayed away because of caustic anon comments. It may be a little more boring around here with no anons to poke fun at.

It is a tough call when deciding how to manage postings. One way you could allow anon posting and still get some control is to require a valid email for anon.

Actually anon I did it because someone, posted as Vunonymous and I thought someone could post as me so I captured the blog name. Looks like that problem may go away. In the mean time "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".

at 4:26 PM Blogger vudutu said...

opps drop the extra "not" when reading the above post.

at 4:59 PM Anonymous anonymous said...

Oh, Craig M. you are ever the wit aren't you?

at 7:43 PM Blogger vudutu said...

Oh WOW you can use Google, I am impressed and you NOW suddenly have a blog link!, the posts at first glance I actually don't disagree with but not suprisingly find caustic and negative, AND a profile that still reveals nothing about identity. You just don't get that by lumping yourself into the anon group you loose any cred and persona you think you have. To quote some anon, "What a pathetic attempt to appear less of a hypocrite than you really are"!

at 8:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cincynewsache is not my blog. I just provided a link to it because he wrote a dead on post about Enquirer blogs, including The Foodie Report. Cincynewsache is written anonymously by a reporter at The Enquirer. Thanks for the compliment though, even if it was accidental.

at 9:07 PM Blogger vudutu said...

Sort of underlines my point. Anon has no face. Posting as anon you have no persona you are just another voice from the back of the room.

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