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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wow! That's all I can say. For those who have seen the interior of Grammer's in OTR, you know what I mean.
Formerly owned and lovingly maintained by Mr. Cincinnati, Jim Tarbell, the German bar and restaurant is now owned by Marilyn and Martin Wade. Closed to the public since the early 90s, Grammer's (at the corner of Walnut and Liberty streets in OTR) reopens Thursday as a bar. (I'm going to try to stop by after Taft with a Twist.)
Expect plenty of beer, including Christian Moerlein's OTR and BarrelHouse's Duveneck. For Bockfest, there will be Hudy Bock!
According to co-manager Lois Parker, formerly of Coach and Four restaurant, there will be seven beers on tap, plus a wine list. For martini drinkers, expect anchovy- and bleu cheese-stuffed olives.
Want to taste a variety of beers? Try a flight of four, 4.5 ounce glasses.
Bratwurst, mettwurst, hard pretzels, oversize dill pickles and pickled eggs (apparently, Parker was told they're a "must.") are on the menu, plus free popcorn with an array of spices or parmesan. A bigger menu is expected within a year or so, Parker said.
Plenty of Enquirer folks told me stories about their memories of Grammer's. Have you ever been there?


at 2:05 PM Blogger Rachel said...

Wow, sounds great. My husband and I will have to check it out. Is the menu veg-friendly?

at 2:40 PM Blogger Stepf said...

It's really limited now. Just metts and brats, plus pretzels, popcorn and pickles -- and pickled eggs! The sausage isn't, but the sides are! It's more about the brews, so that's fine by me that it's not veg-friendly right now.

at 3:44 PM Blogger Rachel said...

Ah, thanks. And pickled eggs? Gulp... I don't know if I could stomach that!

In addition to our puritan diet, the hubby and I are non-drinkers, so maybe Grammer's isn't our bag. But it sounds like my brother would love it - today is his birthday so maybe a gift card is in order.

at 3:56 PM Blogger Nicci King said...

'Tis a shame. The Puritans loved beer...


at 4:02 PM Blogger Rachel said...

Puritan, of course, in the lowercase descriptive sense of the word. Although I do find it strangely ironic that the actual, upper-case Puritans imbibed beer and alcohol and then banned Christmas.

at 6:33 PM Anonymous Cocktailboy said...

"the hubby and I are non-drinkers"

Sorry Rachel, but I never trust a man (or woman) who doesn't drink. I find that teetotallers lack the sympathy and generosity of those who drink. Besides, as Sinatra said, I feel sorry for people who don't drink. Because when they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.

"The harsh, useful things of the world, from pulling teeth to digging potatoes, are best done by men who are as starkly sober as so many convicts in the death-house. But the lovely and useless things, the charming and exhilarating things, are best done by men with, as the phrase is, a few sheets in the wind. ~H.L. Mencken, Prejudices, Fourth Series, 1924

at 8:48 AM Blogger Rachel said...

Well, there are many reasons why people who don't drink choose to do so, and it's not all because we're heartless, ungiving, cold people. Personally, for me, my alcohol abstinence is based on my spiritual beliefs and for my husband, it's because he has an alcoholic father. So, how does that shoe leather taste?

at 11:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cocktail boy why would you judge someone harshly because they choose not to drink? It's none of your business. Would you like it if I pointed out that those with drinking problems tend to avoid nondrinkers? Judging by your moniker your entire sense of self is based upon alcohol consumption. How very sad.

at 4:13 PM Blogger Jake The Ace said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

at 4:35 PM Blogger Jake The Ace said...

Ye Gods! I don't believe that I have ever associated with A Dry before, and for the life of me I can't think of one good reason to start now. I mean, what would we possibly talk about? We couldn't talk about food, because that would have to incorporate a discussion of wine, which is integral to the enjoyment of food.

However, should you ever have to pass for a Dry, here's a handy Cheat Sheet to help you out:


Hey Cocktailboy, here's one back at you:

"I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me"
-Winston Churchill

at 5:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well let's see Jake: you could discuss the arts, politics, current cinema, travel, history, life experiences,and the human condition in general--with or without the consumption of alcohol. Perhaps you should plan an outing with cocktail boy. You both can get smashed and contemplate with sanctimonious derision how superior you are to those who choose not to indulge.

at 5:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

" no drugs or alcohol so can get the signal clear"
-Andre 3000

to each their own path

at 6:14 PM Anonymous Cocktailboy said...

Great blog you have there Jake. Too bad that some of the teetotallers around here don't have a sense of humour.

"Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure." -Ambrose Bierce

at 6:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a teetotaler. I drink at least a glass of wine every day and I enjoy it immensely. It's just absurd to make such assumptions and comments about other people who choose not to drink.

at 9:11 PM Blogger Jake The Ace said...

An outing with Cocktail Boy? Sounds like a capital idea! Perhaps at one of my favorite cocktail joints? Twist, The Cricket, Nicholsons, Jeanro, Mortons...

You in CB? How about anyone else?? Manhattans, Rob Roys, Sidecars, Old Fashions, Margarita (non-frozen!)...Sounds great!!

at 11:37 PM Anonymous Petey said...

Having read these comments, I'm in the mood for a Post-Prandial!

at 10:10 PM Anonymous jordan said...

I planned to stop by for Bockfest on Saturday night and ended up spending the whole evening there. It's really quite a treasure for us to have Grammer's again. The Ayinger bock they have on tap used to be served from the tap in something like three bars in the whole U.S. All of this said, what are their plans for live music? Does anyone know? I did notice their old piano was clearly recently tuned...

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