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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Clover Coffee

I had a story in the paper yesterday about the Clover coffeemaker at Rohs St. Cafe. Best coffeemaker in the world, unless that's all hype, Starbucks bought it to squelch competition, or maybe to improve coffee all over the world. There's been a lot of discussion about it by anyone who cares about good coffee.

I thought the coffee was wonderful: not just rich and strong, but full of nuance and flavors if you pay attention as you smell and drink it. It's an absolutely natural addition to any wine-lover's interests. Fine coffee is a lot like fine wine: an agricultural product that is affected by land, climate, and farming techniques. One difference is that the making of wine is in a winemaker's hands before it goes into the bottle, where it is then relatively stable in quality; with coffee the brewing is far more variable. That's why the Clover's such a big deal.

At Rohs Street, it's all about getting people to appreciate good coffee so they have reason to pay fair trade prices for it so small farmers in developing countries can be in charge of their own destiny.

so: Has anyone else tried it? Any coffee snobs with thoughts? I highly urge a trip to Rohs St.


at 1:21 PM Blogger Rachel said...

Ha, I am a coffee house afficionado and yet I don't drink coffee. I usually order either hot or iced tea and I go for the ambience and free wifi.

I've never been to Roh's, but I'll have to stop in the next time I am on campus.

at 1:38 PM Anonymous In The Know said...


I just returned from lunch with a friend and I have learned some shocking news. You need to investigate this immediately as this story can be your big scoop on the local media.

Jean-Robert de Cavel and his financial backer, Martin Wade, are going through a very nasty divorce. The two are in the process of splitting up all of their restaurants. Right now, nobody knows what the outcome of this messy breakup will be exactly, but one thing is clear: it ain’t going to be pretty. Will J-R be able to keep Pigall’s? How about his namesake bistro, Jeanro??

Apparently, Wade wants to become much more involved in the restaurant's day to day operations, and he wants to put his name on them as well. Martin Wade Restaurant Group, or something to that effect.

Put your ear to the ground Polly, as this is going to be big news. Big, big news!

at 6:22 PM Anonymous Mary D said...

Know-OMG!! Please tell me that you aren't serious?

at 7:06 PM Anonymous Anonymously Anonymous said...

Maybe it's for the best if it happens, provided that the Chef can keep Pigal's & JeanRo Bistro. It will allow him to focus his energies on two restaurants, improve the food at JeanRo, and keep wining awards at Pigal's.

Does he really need to be running the catering business at the Aquarium, plus running two mediocre restaurants (Chalk & Greenup), the new place in OTR, as well as JeanRo & Pigal's? How involved can he really be in all of those places?? I know that JeanRo used to be alot better than it is now, food-wise.

Do less, and do it better, I say

at 10:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess that the earlier entry about Annette leaving her husband's business makes sense now.

at 8:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always, the chickens come home to roost... Because you can do one or two places wonderfully, don't think you can do ten. Now, JP, they are all at risk...
Give Sturkey a call and have a heart to heart....

at 12:34 PM Anonymous Jimmy Behr said...

Polly, Have you heard anything about this?

at 1:34 PM Blogger vudutu said...

Interesting, there have been some rumors floating in some of the kitchens. As far back as the Chalk soft opening Martin was going around letting everyone know he owned it. Grammers I had heard was not part of the group also. Whatever happens I hope the best for all.

at 3:09 PM Anonymous In The Know said...

vudutu, Good observation about Grammers. It's not part pf the Pigall's Group. Martin fancies himself a restaurantuer now. It willbe interesting to see what happens, as his sole backgroud in the industry is as a financer, he's never been involved in operations before. Word is that Food TV (which his wife Marilyn Scripps-Wade owns) management won't let Martin within 100 feet of that network.

You can pretty much blame the mess that is chalk on Wade, it's really his baby, and J-R has little to do with it.

at 5:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since my tastes are more developed than the rest of you provincial types, I have found that the only type of coffee that satisfies my extraordinarily-superior palate is kopi luwak. However, lacking a ready supply locally, I drew upon my superior wits and education and found a solution. I have now rounded up about 2 dozen local stray cats and force feed them a daily diet of unground Millstone bceans, and a day or so later the "cincy lawak" is good to go. If any of you needs a job, and can be bonded, I need a few good folks to help with the, uh, harvesting....fringe benefits include free coffee every morning and on breaks.

at 6:26 PM Anonymous vudutu said...

My SO sad she saw a new sign on Greenup Cafe that says Jean-Roberts Greenup Cafe.

at 6:29 PM Anonymous vudutu said...

OOPS Sorry not sad but said, wish you could edit or trash these #*$%#*comments.

at 11:51 PM Anonymous Grier Marino said...

This is all true. Futhermore, Martin Wade is an complete idiot and jerk! Almost everyone who knows him hates him, and surely he'll get HIS someday, if you know what I mean, and I think you do...

at 2:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wade is going to take over Chalk, which sucks by the way, probably Greenup and maybe Lav. Twist is up in the air. JR keeps Pigall's, Jeanro and maybe Twist.

Wade's sucky food mills will go bust within a year. Meanwhile, JR improves Jeanro, wows the critics at Pigall's, and lands new backers right now.

Bottom line: SUCK ON IT WADE.

at 10:44 AM Anonymous In The Know said...

UPDATE: I am reliably informed that Lavomatic & Twist are the main points of contention. Both parties want these properties. J-R is happy to be out of Chalk (which he never wanted) and Greenup.

at 7:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

predicted this last year. the pace of which they've been opening new rest. has been irresponsible. take care of the existing stores first. i guess when you have a bottomless bank account you think you do what ever you wish. how would you like to own a business, not make money in your stores and continue to open more? i guess jr was tired of it

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