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Friday, June 01, 2007

More on "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a book I'd started reading, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life," by Barbara Kingsolver with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver.
As I wrote before, it's about a year of local eating. I'm reading it slowly, savoring the stories of Kingsolver's asparagus crop and her cheesemaking hobby.
Cursed with lactose intolerance, Kingsolver makes her own cheese! She makes it seem simple enough. Now I'm curious. I'd love to try to make my own cheese, just for fun.
She attended a workshop at the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company in Ashfield, Mass. Kingsolver and her fellow fromage enthusiasts make six kinds of cheese during the daylong class.
I checked out the Web site, and the 30-minute mozzarella kit intrigues me. At $24.95, the site claims you can make 30 pounds of cheese from the cultures, vegetable rennet, etc. (And, vegetarians take note: The company offers vegetable rennet. No calves are killed in the making of your cheese.)
Fresh mozzarella in 30 minutes? My mouth is watering. It likely wouldn't compare with Campagnia's mozzarella di bufala, but we're in the U.S., where we can't have unpasteurized fresh cheese anyway!
Have any of you tried making cheese? What were the results?


at 7:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought that kit...it works great!

at 1:55 PM Blogger Kelly said...

I used the instructions on this site to make queso blanco. It was quite simple, but not really ideal for consumption on its own - it's pretty flavorless. I never really figured out what to do with it and eventually threw it out.

Since then, I've purchased some rennet, but I haven't used it yet. Making pounds and pounds of full-fat cheese runs counter to my current weight-loss efforts.

If you decide to try the kit, please keep us updated! Here's a New York Times article on artisanal cheeses to inspire you!

at 11:07 AM Blogger Jean said...

We used the kit and it worked well. We added basil and salt. The kit mentions adding lipase, but that is usually not plant-derived (though similar enzymes can be), and we did not use it. The curds did not get very firm and we were worried, but the texture improved in the heating process. We needed to heat the cheese 5-6 times in the microwave to get it to the taffy stage and it took longer than 30 minutes, but maybe we'll be faster next time.

The whey makes a nice beverage - we added mint and sugar. Save your milk container and you'll have a good place to store the whey.

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