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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Did parenting just get harder or easier?

Anyone who talks to me for more than five minutes knows I'm on the baby track. In fact, I've lapped a few of my friends who have been benched with their little bundles recently. So I often have babies on the brain. I have always assumed some things - like how to keep babies healthy and happy - are common knowledge. "You'll be a natural when you have your little ones..." my grandmother assures me. Being naive, I figured being a mom goes something like this: Feed. Smooch. Diaper. Adore. Bathe. Repeat. A lot. Oh, and I forgot one: Spend.

Leave it to Beech Nut to make parenting even more confusing with their new line of baby food called Good Morning and Good Evening. According to the pitch, the products give "key ingredients to infants already eating solid baby foods, based on the time of day that they are fed and the associated nutritional needs." The Good Morning products are supposed to have fiber and a low glycemic index to maintain baby's blood sugar (and mood) throughout the early part of the day and keep her alert. On the other hand, Good Night products are packed with protein to help babies build muscle while she sleeps. It also contains "prebiotics," nutrients that promote good bacteria in baby's digestive system. (I bet life as a parent is better when you can use the words "good," "baby" and "digestive" in the same sentence.)

Do you think these products are good, or just a gimmick? It sort of sounds like food combining for babies. It make sense to limit the amount of simple and refined carbs you give your kids, and to make sure they get plenty of protein. Then again, what happened to the good old days when you just fed the baby without having to check to see whether there was a moon or a sun on the label?


at 3:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a gimmick to me. I fed my son regular old Gerber baby food and he did fine. The only thing we were told was to watch for allergic reactions to new foods and to not start 2 new foods in one week.

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