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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fish sandwich season

Did you check out this story on fish sandwiches? Did you know Cincinnati folk helped put this Lenten-season staple on the map?

Everyone has different fish-sandwich standards. I prefer to pass on the thick crust of batter (which often gets gooey inside) for a simple dredge in corn meal. The more spice the better, but easy on the salt. Oh, and don't give me the shaped fish, that fits on the bread. That doesn't look right. I need to see a fillet, a wide end, and, my favorite part, the little end that gets extra crunchy. I also need lettuce, tomato (Oh, they're mealy? I'll pass...), tartar sauce AND dill pickle slices. Put it all on a Kaiser roll and don't talk to me for, like, 30 minutes.

Who makes the best fish sandwich in town? What makes it so good?

How, exactly, does one build a better fish sammich?

And Mary made a good point about fish fries in the area.
You can find lots of them on Cincinnati.com.


at 11:29 AM Anonymous vudutu said...

Can't wait to hear peoples comments on this. My fav way is to add Frisches Tarter sauce.

at 12:42 PM Blogger Mary said...

The Green Derby on York St. in Newport has a great fish sandwich. It's one "Best Fish Sandwich" several times. Good luck trying to get a seat on a Friday during Lent though.

at 12:45 PM Blogger Nicci King said...

Hey, Vudutu,

Frisch's tartar sauce is good. I'm not a fan of their fish sandwich (or any with a batter that holds more oil than it should), but the sauce? Yum...

at 12:52 PM Blogger Cin Twin1 said...

Has anyone been to the Lousiana Fish Camp in OTR? I have never been there but have heard GREAT things. I bet they have a good fish sandwich. The only place I can think of where I ordered fried fish is Nicholson's where I get the fish and chips......my husband and I talked about for 2008 picking one food item and ordering it wherever we went as an appetizer in search for the "best of". We were having trouble thinking of what was one thing that would be on almost EVERY menu. We thought fries, but then we might gain 10 lbs in the process. I forgot about this until just now....hmm, maybe we will start our search this weekend once we pick our item.

at 1:04 PM Blogger Mary said...

Stepf- is the Enquirer going to do a little feature this year about fish fries? Yes, I know that this topic has been done ad nauseum every year, but some people really like their fried fish and forget about some of the hidden gems.

at 1:15 PM Blogger Nicci King said...

Hey, Mary,

Actually, you can find TONS of fish fry listings online. Just search: fish fry.

There are so many that it's hard to get them in print, but we do have 'em!

at 1:20 PM Blogger Mary said...

Thanks for that information. The suitor is from Rochester and I've been trying to explain fish fries to him. He's a little baffled as to why I get so excited about them (especially since we're both Jewish), but I want to make sure that I take him to some really good ones.

at 1:43 PM Anonymous Greg said...

Lake Nina's "Fish Log" or Harbor Cut is one fine sandwich. They are in Groesbeck near the corner Banning & Pippin.

at 2:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Detroit Joes in Newport has a Halibut fish sandwich that is excellent....go for lunch though at dinner they charge like $16 for the thing! Yikes.

at 5:58 PM Anonymous vudutu said...

Yea Nicci, I can eat that stuff from the jar, also great with fries, I usually do the euro mayo thing with fries though.

at 10:49 PM Anonymous Rich said...

I love the Frisch's Tartar Sauce too, vudutu. I can't stand anything else from Frisch's, but their TS is the bomb!

at 8:50 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Frisch's Tarter Sauce is sooo bad for you but so good.

The only other thing I ever get there once in a while is they make a mean vanilla coke.....cherry is good too!

at 2:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kings Inn - Whitewater Township/Cleves
VERY good fish dinners!
Also, The Bier Haus in Miamitown has great fish logs!

at 4:56 PM Anonymous FoodieToo said...

I know it isn't a sandwich but I had lunch at the Capitol building in Frankfort, KY today and their fish-n-chips was really good. I was really surprised.

at 12:31 PM Blogger liz said...

izzy's (only available on fridays)

at 2:44 PM Blogger Schottzie03 said...

The Green Derby IS the best, it has always lived up to the big hype....and I also love Izzys. But the Mt. Washington American Legion has really won my fish loving heart of late.

A good sign of a good fish fry: lots of Buicks in the parking lot.

Check the expiration date on any Frisch's tartar sauce you buy in a supermarket! I got hit with expired ones TWICE(i know, shame on me...)

They need to make it in a hip flask type contraption so it can be carried to fish frys.

at 5:03 PM Anonymous vudutu said...

I heard, have not tried, that Cock and Bull and Keystone both in Covington have good fish.

at 5:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mc Caulys Pub in Sharonville, OH Has a Verry good fish & chips special on fridays and a Giant fish sandwich special also, The food is great and priced right.
Its located at 6750 fiels ertel Sharonville OH.

at 8:55 PM Blogger elizabeth said...

I HAVE in fact heard that the McDonald's filet-o-fish originated in Cincinnati... but wasn't entirely sure it was true until this story. My Dad always insisted that it originated at the McDonald's near his childhood home in Deer Park, but it seems he was only off by a little. Go us!

at 7:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chef C in Blue Ash (across from the Blue Ash post office) has an excellent grilled fish sandwich. It's fresh tilapia - NOT frozen. It is dressed with onion, leaf lettuce, tomato, and comes with a slice of good dill pickle and delicious cole slaw or french fries...all for $7.50.

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