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Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's for dinner?

I'm making halibut. I think I'll season the filets, smear some fig preserves over them and then bake. Maybe finish it off with a couple of minutes under the broiler for a little added crispiness... I have some Granny Smith apples, red grapes and slivered almonds, so I think I'll make a take on a Waldorf salad for a side dish. I'll brighten it with a little extra lemon juice and a bit of zest. The crunch and the tartness should be a nice counter to the soft fish and the sweet preserves.

What's on your menu?



at 5:18 PM Blogger Polly Campbell said...

Nicci, when exactly do you start thinking about dinner? And do you have halibut in your refrigerator or do you pick it up after work? Forget Foodie Report happy hour. What about Foodie Report dinner party? Halibut and fig preserves for everyone!
(I make a nice appetizer: fig preserves on puff pastry, dotted with goat cheese and ribbons of prosciutto.

at 5:31 PM Blogger Nicci King said...

Honestly? Usually when I'm brushing my teeth in the morning... Ha!

It's an obsession, really...

Plus, I am on a mission to write a cookbook. A real cookbook. Published by a real publishing company. Fabulous food porn and all... So, I actually work on recipes every chance I get.

I told you. Obsession. Though I'd rather you call it passion...

at 10:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Half of your pieces now seem to be what you are kinda thinking about cooking for dinner. We have no way of knowing if you really ever actually prepare those dinners, nor do you ever give recipes. The Foodie Report is consistently disappointing and sophomoric.

at 7:52 AM Blogger Kelly said...

I went to Hyde Park Tavern with some friends. Since it was after 10, we were given the late-night menu and all ordered the mini burger sampler. I wasn't expecting much, but it was good!

It comes with three different burgers and a side of steak fries. The baby bella and Swiss burger could have used more seasoning, but the cheddar burger topped with an onion ring and the salsa-cilantro burger were tasty. At $10, it's a little pricey, though.

at 8:01 AM Anonymous lauren said...

I was lazy and ordered pizza. Even a foodie needs those nights.

at 8:02 AM Blogger liberal foodie said...

penne with tomato sauce, chicken and olives. The husband followed an online recipe and it was surprisingly good.

at 8:13 AM Blogger Nicci King said...

That sounds really good, Kelly! I went to Cleveland this past weekend to see family and friends and while I was there I went to Brown Bag Burgers. http://www.brownbagburgers.com/

They were SO good! A great selection of toppings, fresh cut fries, and pretty reasonable prices. Especially for how delicious everything was.

The take-away menu listed a Brown Bag Burger in Cincinnati, but the Web site only mentions the Cleveland area site. Maybe they're just hoping to come here... Well, I'm right there with 'em!

at 8:15 AM Blogger Kel Klump said...

I happen to like the idea of sharing what we had for dinner. Gives me great ideas myself. We cheated last night and ate pompilio's -- Cant pass up a good beer and good pasta.

at 8:27 AM Blogger Rachel said...

Good luck on the cookbook, Nicci. Perhaps you should try out for the next Food Network Star reality show. I could totally see you as a food show host.

And to run Anonymous' comments through the tact filter, photos of your fabulous dinners or step-by-step recipes would be fantastic, especially for we folk who like food but tend to scorch whatever it is we touch.

at 9:08 AM Blogger vudutu said...

Sushi at Aoi, my SO has been talking it up, she said you have to see the decor and try the food and when she says a place is good I listen. She was craving sushi, we did not have a lot of time as we were headed to the Blue Wisp to see Triage and Billy Larkin bday bash. Despite my past arguments that you had to head out to Florence for decent sushi in Cincy I went. I was plesantly suprised, good sushi, good prices and a beautiful interior. Jee our waiter was great, we were the only people out on the patio. I am not a Mall fan but I may be hooked, heck it's 5 minutes from the house.

at 9:43 AM Blogger Nicci King said...

I do include recipes when I can. Making a recipe requires a bit of patience, and trial and error.

But I don't use recipes for an average dinner. I know what I like, and I tend to just try things that I think will work. So when I say that I'm going to season some fish and smear a bit of preserves over it, that's exactly what I do. I season to taste and recommend that other cooks do the same. That's why I'm not too into baking... I love the flexibility of cooking. Structure (while important when I want to actually create a recipe) takes away from the fun of it...

And I think of the "What's for dinner" entries as more of a conversation with friends, not a cooking class. But I agree that pictures would be a fun addition!

at 2:58 PM Blogger Kelly said...

In fact, you included a recipe in yesterday's edition. I don't think I mentioned it at the time, but those polenta fries sound utterly fab, and I plan to make them ASAP - maybe serve them with fish with a cornmeal crust or something like that.

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